Listening for a change.

Listening for a change. - Mar 10,2021

The advent of second decade in the 2nd millennium forced all eyeballs to Wuhan, the “talk of the world” as some would put across. Emergence of an unprecedented and unseen force, reckoned to be the worst enemy mankind has faced. Suddenly, the most observed curves are not that of NASDAQ, DOW JONES or SENSEX but the Covid-19. The skies emerge clean, the rivers flow untamed, the air has a new fragrance. Nature is restoring its order and appealing to humans to reform a new world order. The streets are deserted. Masks and protective clothing seems to be spanking new Haute Couture. For supply chains and manufacturing businesses in particular, a lot has changed. A recent survey by Mckinsey & Company #mckinsey shows how consumer optimism is set to change. With the world still under partial lockdown, some practices are certain to stamp their place as businesses re-open: · Linchpin the changing consumer demand · Deepen pockets in Automation · Remodel compliance structures · Develop “protective” product lines · Adhere to “product testing” standards · Re-focus on Sustainably goals · Adapt “safer” logistic channels · Stop “fingering” Nature! Having said the above, as the world emerges from COVID-19, the most integral way to rebuild economies is by supporting industry and there are no two ways about it. Job sustenance and creation, revival of markets and rejuvenated consumer sentiment can only bounce back when business flourishes, be it manufacturing or service.