Augmented Reality – A Breakthrough for the Fashion Industry

Augmented Reality – A Breakthrough for the Fashion Industry - Dec 20,2021

Fashion, beauty and home decor are industries that have never shied away from innovation and creativity. The newest in their coterie is applying augmented reality to make visualizing, trying, buying and selling an experience of a different kind.

The pandemic has a major role to play in this transformation. It has not just changed perspectives, but has also made way for arrangements and opportunities.

Augmented reality is an immersive three-dimensional technological breakthrough that digitally creates a version of the real physical world through visuals, audio and other sensory elements.

Months of lockdown and apprehensions about coronavirus made consumers miss their shopping experience. This is when AR came into picture. Brands, big and small, have started testing AR in several ways, especially apparels, accessories, jewellery and make-up.

With clothes try on and magic mirror technology, buyers can have an in-house shopping experience without any hassles. From fit to colour, they can get a clear idea of the product they want to purchase.     

Though still in its infancy, AR is making advancements at a fast pace and is likely to bring a profound impact on how businesses are functioning and consumers are buying.

If someone had mentioned about tyring clothes digitally a few years ago, people would have laughed it away. But that’s exactly what is happening now. These advancements are examples that show that innovation is limited only by our imagination.

Augmented reality is all set to transform the fashion ecommerce. This calls for a proactive augmented reality strategy for most of the retail brands dealing in products that can be purchased by adopt such upcoming technologies.