Let's be part of something good, something bigger than ourselves - that will help build a world world for our future generations. We feel great about what we do every day - focus on sustainable processes and products.
Our commitment to supply chain sustainability is not just a priority but a way of doing business. We evaluate the social, environmental, and economic impact and viability of our suppliers and work in sync with them to implement transparent production models, develop sustainable processes to create a “Responsible” value chain.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we became even more mindful about the environment and the sustainability of products, including evaluating ways to reuse and recycle.
We encourage sustainable sourcing and the use of recycled, alternative or responsibly crafted materials that meet high social and environmental standards. We work on reducing our carbon footprint, improving sustainability of raw materials and packaging, and ensuring that our partner manufacturers (vendors) operate in accordance with recognised standards that uphold human rights and safety. You can be rest assured that your products will be sourced ethically!